Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Class of 2010 rankings: 1-5

Here they are.

The final five players from the class of 2010 have now been revealed. Harrison Barnes (pictured above) leads the charge in our eyes. With the summer now in the books, Barnes is the proud owner of the No. 1 spot according to the National Hoops Report.

The rest of the top five could eventually stake claim to the number one position when it is all said and done. The class is strong at the top and the high school season could lead to a change of the nation’s top player position.

For now, however, Barnes is the big man on campus. He’s earned it.

1. Harrison Barnes, SF, Ames (Iowa) Ames Senior

Everything about the 6-6 wing is professional. He is the total package of a prospect and student. Barnes has a Grant Hill type of personality and a style that would blend with any type of style. Offensively, he’s deadly from deep, strong with the dribble to the basket and big enough to create multiple mismatch problems. Barnes is one of the few players in the class that plays with a competitiveness and burning desire to win every game he plays in. His work ethic will is the separating factor between him and the rest of the class.

2. Perry Jones, PF, Duncanville (Texas)

You could make an argument for Jones to sit atop the 2010 rankings based on his pro potential. He’s clearly the best NBA prospect in the class. Does that mean he’ll be the best college prospect? It is an argument for another day. Regardless, the 6-9 post player tapped into his potential this year and showed why Baylor locked him up very early in the recruiting process. Jones is a monster of a player. He can score inside, outside and every where in between. Mix that with great athleticism, great size and a high ceiling and the Baylor Bears have a future star coming to Waco.


3. Brandon Knight, PG/SG, Ft Lauderdale (Fla.) Pine Crest

There are two Brandon Knights out there. The point guard and the shooting guard. Last year we saw the point guard. He was amazing. This year we get the shooting guard. He’s not too shabby either. Some may say that multi-personality is a bad thing. Not so much. Not for Knight. He’ll enter college ready to play both positions and in today’s evolving world of guard play, Knight will be twice as deadly. He’s physically prepared himself to be an immediate impact player in college. And college should be a short stay for the South Florida stud.

4. Jared Sullinger, C/PF, Columbus (Ohio) Northland

No one can claim more wins and more personal victories against other big time players than Sullinger. The 6-8 post has the biggest winning resume in high school hoops since Kevin Love. No one in the class or even in the classes behind 2010 can match-up with Sullinger. He’s a load on the low blocks, can score with a variety of moves and is a monster on the glass. His wingspan makes up for his height and his back side just pushes defenders out of the way with zero trouble. ESPN believes “Sullinger could be the top big man to attend Ohio State in the Thad Matta era.” Amen to that.


5. Fab Melo, C, Weston (Fla.) Sagemont

After a sizzling showing at the NBA Players Association camp in June, the Brazilian big man was the post player to see in July for some of the nation’s top schools. He’s huge and he’s skilled. That combo usually equals one short year in college for prospects these days. Melo has both traits. The effort needs to improve but once he lands in college and plays with guards that know how to take care of a big man, Melo could be a lottery pick and shaking hands with David Stern.

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