Monday, September 21, 2009

12 @ 12: Weekend randomness

1. Are the Sooners moving into elite status as far as recruiting goes? For the fourth straight year, Jeff Capel has reeled in a five-star prospect to Norman. On Sunday, Texas wing Cameron Clark committed to the Sooners.

Clark joins Keith Gallon, Willie Warren and Blake Griffin as the fourth top 25 prospect to join the program. Yet, for some reason, OU isn’t being mentioned in the same breath as North Carolina, Kansas and Duke as major recruiting powerhouses at the moment.

2. Kyrie Irving (pictured above) drops Indiana out of contention, huh? That’s surprising news. Probably the second most surprising recruiting news of the year behind Fab Melo’s decision to go to Syracuse and not Louisville. The National Hoops Report has always believed the New Jersey guard was a heavy Duke lean and borderline lock. Still do. Kentucky, Texas A&M and Georgia Tech will also host the elite level point guard for an official visit.

3. There were a number of commitments that happened over the weekend and there were some that were probably sexier in recruiting circles than JerShon Cobb to Northwestern but this one is important. The 6-4 guard from Atlanta tripped to Evanston and loved his time in the Chicago area. Cobb is a smart guy that can play multiple positions and should fit in perfectly with the way Bill Carmody. Don’t be surprised to see Cobb start three of his four years for the Big Ten school.

4. Terrible news about Tony Wroten, Jr. The class of 2011 superstar tore his ACL in a football game over the weekend and will likely miss his junior season of basketball. His father played in the NFL and Wroten, Jr. could be the best athlete in the country. Those in Seattle say he can pick his college for hoops, football or baseball. Bummer to hear of the injury.

5. Really liked J.P. Olukemi in high school when he was at Stoneridge Prep. He had to go the junior college route and now he’s headed to Oklahoma State. The Cowboys landed a good one and a guy that can help the team right away when he puts on the bright orange for Travis Ford. There are always a few JC guys that can be a difference maker. Olukemi should be one of those guys.

6. Gary Parrish (who will be featured in a National Hoops Report Q&A soon, I promise!) loves the young ones. Ugh hum, the freshmen. His words, not mine. He believes a freshman will have an impact on this year's National Championship team. Who will it be?

7. Andy Katz took a good look at the role of the sports agent in today's college game. Next time you go to a live recruiting event in July, there will probably be 10 guys at the event that you have no idea that they are movers and shakers. Can you spot ‘em?

8. Mike DeCourcy breaks down his top 10 point guards
in college basketball.

9. As the high school season draws closer, it is time to start thinking about the best high school tournaments around the country. Flyin' to the Hoop release it’s schedule last week and the field looks amazing for the Jan. 16-18 event in Dayton, Ohio. Brandon Knight, Tristan Thompson, Adreian Payne, Jelan Kendrick, Corey Joseph, James Bell, Luke Cothron, Jamail Jones, Jordan Sibert and a host of other top 2010 players highlight the field. This looks like the best field the event has ever put together.

10. 24 hours of basketball? That’s like a 24-hour cooking channel or an all music channel. Ridiculous. That’s really dumb.

11. God save us.

12. Crazy weekend for NFL and rather ho-hum weekend for NCAA football. Here are my 12 thoughts on the sport that uses an oblong ball:

A. I bought a ticket on the Jacory Harris band wagon around 8:30 last Thursday night.
B. And I retract my statement about Miami being not being back. They are. Very much so. Harris is one of the several reasons why. Why aren’t the Canes being considered as a top five team right now? Big game awaits them against Virginia Tech this Saturday.
C. Speaking of Miami, one of the most famous U alums, Ray Lewis, had one of the best defensive plays I’ve ever seen when he sprinted through the line on 4th and 2 to stuff Darren Sproles. Lewis’s tackle inside the red zone was the game-winning play. Amazing.
D. Final note on Miami – Jimmy Graham, former UM hooper, caught a touchdown against Georgia Tech. At 6-8 and with a motor that doesn’t quit, don’t be surprised to see him being mentioned as a NFL prospect. Why not? Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez and Martellus Bennett are all former big-time hoopers that earn paychecks on Sundays.
E. Dallas built a new stadium. Not sure if anyone caught that on Sunday night.
F. Eli Manning has his critics. None of them were talking on Sunday night after that performance.
G. So Washington beats USC by a field goal at home and that warrants a top 25 position? College football makes zero sense to me.
H. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson can only score touchdowns that are longer than 20 yards.
I. The 49ers remind me a little of the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Reminder: The Bucs won the Super Bowl that year.
J. If Michael Crabtree joins the 49ers and is used in the offense as a go-to receiver right now, the 49ers will remind me of any team with Terrell Owens.
K. Who is the Heisman leader right now? Colt McCoy is my pick in mid-September because he plays for the best team in the country.
L. Who is the early NFL MVP leader right now? Drew Brees is my pick because he’s the most dangerous player in the league after two weeks.

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