Wednesday, November 4, 2009

33 hours of preseason goodness

Starting on Thursday, I’m going to try something different here at National Hoops. And I need 33 consecutive hours of your time.

At 8 a.m. all the way through Friday afternoon, I will release my preseason Player of the Year picks for each conference in college basketball every hour on the hour for 33 hours. Easy enough, right?

I’ll roll out a preseason Player of the Year every hour for the next 33 hours. In each post, I’ll note the conference, the player, some notes, RSCI ranking and other various tidbits about that particular player.

What is the RSCI? It is the Recruiting Services Consensus Index, a combination of the "rankings from well known recruiting experts into a single, consensus ranking."

We’ll go from A (starting with the ACC) to W (ending with the West Coast Conference). Buckle up, pop open a case of Red Bull and enjoy.

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