Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great West Preseason Player of the Year: Tyler Cain

National Hoops Great West Preseason Player of the Year
Tyler Cain, PF, Senior, South Dakota

Hard to really call this a league since the Great West won’t be eligible for the NCAA tournament bid until 2020 but that doesn’t mean the league lacks for good basketball players.

Enter Cain, a bruising 6-8, 235-pound power forward. Cain averaged 15.4 points, 11 rebounds, all the while leading his team in blocks (82), steals (45) and shooting percentage at 66.5 from the floor.

Cain is a defensive gem in the low blocks as well. He’s big, strong and plays with a football mentality. Recruited by the low-majors, Cain was not a highly sought after prospect coming out of high school despite a good prep career.

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