Sunday, November 8, 2009

SWAC Preseason Player of the Year: Grant Maxey

National Hoops Report SWAC Preseason Player of the Year
Grant Maxey, PF, Senior, Jackson State

Meet the toughest player to defend in the Deep South’s low-major conference. The 6-7, 210-pound can score (16.7 points a game) and, moreover, defend the low blocks. He’s one of the best in the conference when his team doesn’t have the ball.

Maxey can rebound (6.7 a game), work the passing lanes and front the post (1.6 steals a game) and block shots (nearly one a game).

Maxey was a non-factor as a recruit coming out of Toledo, Ohio. His .com résumé is non-existent. Not that those kinds of things matter. Clearly.

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